Delicious living. It’s about celebrating the soul of food through its history, culture, recipes, nostalgia, experiences that bring us comfort.

There is something about food and a warm kitchen that brings us all together. Food is mired in tradition, nostalgia, innovation, discipline and experimentation, all at once. It unites us, educates us and moves us. Food is unlike any entity in our lives. It is there for us in times of celebration, sadness, grief, joy, and everything in between. We gather around tables and stoves as we laugh and shed tears together with loved ones. 

The kitchen is where my family has had our best and most personal conversations, always over a meal of some sort. As kids we would sit at the kitchen table and complete our homework, while the fragrance of dinner floated through the air. It is where my friends and I would pile in as teenagers and share our secrets over snacks. It is where I worked through the trials of growing up over long talks and hot tea. It is where my Mom taught me to make a meal and bake my first loaf of bread, while we exchanged our deepest life experiences. It is where we set out our family’s treasured fine China and convene to celebrate holidays.

Food is ingrained in all of us as a central focal point of life. It is sustenance for the body and soul. It is these elements that have always fascinated me and instilled in me a curiosity and affinity for food, cooking, creating and the wonderful tools and traditions that surround all aspects of crafting recipes with love. 

Living in the south, food is like a religion. For me, there is something extra special about cooking in the southern region. There is so much history wrapped up in the recipes. Showing love means making a casserole or baking a pie from scratch, using tried and true recipes, often handed down through generations. I can very much relate to the processes and importance that a homecooked meal holds here. This practice is undoubtedly my greatest expression of love to my friends and family, as well.

This blog is my outlet to explore my own love of food, cooking, baking, a little nostalgia, and all of the beautiful traditions tied to the meals we eat. I hope you will pull up a seat, pour a cup of tea and enjoy it along with me.

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