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The List – Southern Bakery Tour 2024

In the spirit of resolutions in the new year, I have set my sights on a list of bakeries that I wish to visit in 2024. Think of it as a reverse resolution to…eat more? This past year has been one of research and full immersion in all things baking-related, for me. I am coming up on one year since reestablishing this website, and throughout 2023, I poured myself in to learning and cultivating skills related to the art of baking at a very steady pace. My appetite has been voracious, and can only be attributed to pure passion.

I am what you might refer to as a “Bake-a-Saurus Rex.” Ok, maybe that is only how I refer to myself. My fella will enter the kitchen in the morning to find every inch of the countertops covered in baking ingredients and parchment lined baking pans as far as the eye can see. I am somewhere lurching in the distance in my apron, dusted in flour and furiously thumbing through the pages of one cookbook or another. He will pause and cautiously say…”Hmmm. What are we making today?!” God love him and his patience for my predilection towards all things baking.

I can’t tell you what has driven it, but I have grown to simply LOVE the act of baking. I wake up thinking about what I want to make each day, and I fall asleep scanning recipes online. I read cookbooks, I scour Instagram, I watch tutorial videos galore, and I have been experimenting in the kitchen more than ever. I am a woman possessed. And with all of the inevitable trials and errors that come from learning to bake (believe me there is a LOT to learn) I find myself having an incredibly healthy appreciation for the pros that do this day in and day out, churning out ungodly amounts of pastries for the masses.

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Crispy, Cheesy, Potato Shallot Galette

I believe the title to this post really sums it all up. If you are a potato lover like me, this recipe is a MUST make. If you have a cast iron skillet and a mandolin, you will end up with a showstopping side dish.

I will admit that I actually made an error when making this recipe the first time, and the photos show you the end result. I should have sliced my potatoes much, much thinner, but it turned out to be a pleasant error. While the dismount of this galette was a major fail, it was absolutely delicious, crispy and cheese, so I see it as a win.

Essentially, if you would like to make a traditional galette that flips from the pan and looks like a giant potato cake that you can serve in slices, you want to use a mandolin to slice your potatoes razor thin. By doing so, it allows the potatoes to kind of meld together while baking and form the desired galette formation that slides beautifully from the pan when flipped.

This was actually my first official galette on my own, and as you can see, the potatoes were sliced a bit too thick and they came out as a beautiful cast iron skillet full of roasted potatoes, which is ok too. You can see that mine are too loose to flip onto a plate, so if this happens to you, I suggest serving right out of the skillet on the table…just be sure to use caution with the hot pan and dress it appropriately with towels. To be honest, I may intentionally make this mistake in the future because I was so pleased with how these turned out. They were an absolute hit with my family.

I will try a proper version next time around and post my results, but trial and error is the best way to learn, especially when the result is delicious, crispy, cheesy potatoes!

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Honey Oat Cookies

There are many bakeries that are on my list to try in 2024, and Back in the Day Bakery is at the very top. Over Christmas, a good friend gifted me their lovely cookbook, which is chock full of the most delicious baking recipes, both sweet and savory. I love to sit down with a cup of tea and peruse my cookbooks. It is one of my very favorite past times. This book already has recipe after recipe earmarked to add to the 2024 baking roster for my very own little test kitchen, right here in Bluffton, SC.

I have to give kudos to my friend Savannah in giving me this cookbook. Not only is it completely up my alley, but I honestly (and I’m not sure how) had never caught wind of this landmark bakery that exists right here in my own back yard!! It is a stone’s throw from my home, located in the beautifully eclectic downtown Savannah, GA. I will be publishing a list of bakeries that I wish to visit in 2024 for inspiration, to hold myself accountable for a few road trips this year, but this one will easily be added to the top.

When I cracked open this cookbook, I was impressed with how organized the chapters are laid out and assembled, by category and flavor. It appeals to my categorical Virgo nature. There are many intriguing options within this book, but this recipe for Honey Oat Cookies grabbed me as the first to try for a few reasons.

First, I absolutely LOVE the combo of oats, honey and chocolate. It is a such a hearty and delicious combo, especially with the hint of cinnamon, crunch of coconut and tinge of sea salt added in. Even if you aren’t a big coconut fan, as I know many are averse to the consistency, these have just the right amount to add flavor without overwhelming the cookie. Second, it is the beginning of the year, and with all of the oats involved in this recipe, it is practically health food, am I right?!

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Classic Strawberry Shortcake

I love strawberries. Anytime that they come into season, or taste sweet enough to eat, the chances are good that you will find several cartons lying in wait in my refrigerator. Although delicious on their own, I love visiting different dessert recipes featuring these beautiful, vibrant berries.

One that has stood the test of time for me is the classic Strawberry Shortcake. Equal parts dense, buttery cake, mixed with light, fluffy whipped cream, and sweet, tart strawberries, it is one of the most perfect and refreshing desserts in my book.

Recently, strawberries have been popping up everywhere in the grocery store and they have been super sweet and delicious, leaving me with a hankering for a good helping of this sweet treat. If you find yourself in the same boat, here is a super easy, one-bowl recipe that you can whip up quick as can be, and have a dessert on the table in no time at all.

This recipe is a visual stunner that will leave you looking like a baking pro. Little effort with big results…one of my favorite baking combos! If you haven’t ever tried making a homemade version, then you must give it a try. It is one of the easiest recipes you will find, and virtually foolproof.

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Classic Buttery Popovers

For the longest time, I have admired popovers for their delicious simplicity, but have avoided making them because they call for their own, special pan with high walls with a thin cylindrical shape in order for the dough to rise and cook evenly and properly. But, my desire for warm, soft biscuits finally overtook my hesitation. Hunger always wins for me! This recipe calls for the simplest of ingredients that about everyone has in their pantry or fridge. Though most recipes advise against using a muffin pan, I decided to go for it anyway and finally give these a try, despite missing the proper tools…and you know what? They tasted delicious anyway!

I dislike purchasing unnecessary kitchen equipment, as I feel you can generally make due with something that you already have, and stockpiling specialty items can quickly get out of control. That said, these were delicious enough to be worthy of their own special pan. They are the perfect mix of warm biscuit, with a chewier eggy texture that reminds me a bit of a souffle. Give them a try and whip up a batch using your standard 12-well muffin tin and see what you think. Be sure to have plenty of room temp butter ready to go. These are a definite vehicle for it!

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Mom’s Molasses Ginger Cookies

My Christmas holiday doesn’t officially start until I take my first bite of my Mom’s legendary gingerbread cookies. These are made with sweet, thick molasses, which gives them the most scrumptious chew in the center, juxtaposed perfectly by crisp edges to nibble and the crunch of sweet granulated sugar on top. These remain the top requested cookie from my cousins and family members each year after decades of baking.

My Mom used to toil to assemble giant cookie baskets each Christmas for friends and family, and I remember every square inch of our countertops being covered in cookies of any and all varieties, from Rugelach to Peanut Butter Balls, but this gingerbread cookie was the one I always plucked from the pile as they cooled (when Mom wasn’t looking, of course). If you are a holiday cookie maker, give this one a try. The tang of ginger mixed with the warmth of cinnamon and cloves is irresistible. This recipe is worthy of a spot in the annual lineup.

Pro Tips

Be sure to leave time for chilling the dough when you set out to make these, as it is a crucial step in the process to achieve the correct consistency in your cookie.

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Kouign Amann – The Queen of Pastries

I have been taking a deep dive into baking and pastry making lately. As I have mentioned before, I consider myself to be somewhat of a novice when it comes to baking, thought I am slowly getting more skilled with lots of practice.

I grew up in a very accomplished baking family, but shockingly, I never took an interest or considered myself to have any talent in this department. I wasn’t super into sweets growing up, and all of my attempts to bake were half-hearted and lackluster, particularly in comparison to that of my more talented family members.

Skip to the current moment. I couldn’t tell you what changed, but I have what could be described as an insatiable appetite for all things baking. As soon as I begin to research one recipe, I fall into a rabbit hole of 10 more, along with the techniques that accompany them, and before you know it hours have passed. I find this whole new world of baking to be so incredibly interesting and it satisfies my thirst for continual growth and knowledge. I am teaching myself the ropes, one recipe and technique at a time.

I think we all have the ability to psych ourselves out and let fear get the best of us, particularly as we get older. We may convince ourselves that once we have defined ourselves as unskilled at something, we can never change it, particularly as we grow in age. I say bullocks to that. If there is something that you want to do, move past the fears and try it.

This has been my goal with baking. To stop telling myself I can’t, because I am finding as I go and have the courage to try, that I really CAN bake, and bake pretty darned well! It also brings me immense joy, so here I am doing the work and sharing in the hopes of inspiring others to reach their goals of baking too.

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Demystifying Sourdough Starter

Due to the Covid years, I think by now we have all tried our hand at making a loaf of sourdough bread, whether it was a successful attempt or not. I was a little later to the game. My Mom was the first to join this worldwide elite club of bread artisans, and I was dually impressed that she had ventured to make her own starter as well.

I remember speaking to my Mom in one of our long-winded phone conversations where she regaled me with details on her latest loaf of this crunchy, pillowy variety of bread.

She informed me of the nuances of working the dough, allowing it to rise, kneading it with proper form, baking techniques and the tools needed to properly form a loaf worthy of a boulangerie window or San Francisco soup shop.

I like to think that perhaps it is in our DNA somehow to craft bread. Poilâne Bakery in Paris, France is a third generation boulangerie renowned for creating the best sourdough in the world by hand, since 1932.

Aside from being at the top of my destination wish list, the foodie nerd in me likes to dream and wish that our strikingly similar last names means that the owner, Apollonia, and I are somehow cousins removed somewhere back in the recesses of our lineage. I have no proof or facts to justify any connection whatsoever, but hey…a girl is allowed to dream, right?

But, I digress. Back to the breadmaking process. The one factor that I couldn’t wrap my head around that my Mom kept referencing when we spoke was “feeding the starter” every couple of weeks to “keep it strong.”

What did this mean?! Was this a living entity that resided in her refrigerator, and why was it so hungry?! I was intrigued, to say the least. I kept picturing that plant from Little Shop of Horrors and wondering if her starter would shout “feed me” in Steve Martin’s voice from the back of the refrigerator every time she opened it to grab the butter or pour a glass of iced tea. While that sounds pretty cool, it is not that dramatic. So, let me explain the science behind it.

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