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Roasted Tomato & Grilled Cheese Soup

One of my favorite chilly weather combos ever is a good cup of creamy tomato soup with a crunchy, gooey grilled cheese. I have always gone the traditional route of dunking the sandwich into the soup, which will always be a classic move, but I recently stumbled across this unique recipe from Grace Elkus that was featured on The Kitchn website (one of my favorite all around cooking resources) and it had me intrigued. It is quite genius really, why not combine these two treasures in one convenient and heart pot.

To get a feel for it, picture French onion soup meets tomato soup vibe. It has layers of stretchy cheese and the crunch of the croutons fresh from the broiler on top, with pillowy soft bites of tomato soaked bread swimming below. This is a rustic and hearty soup packed full of flavor.

This soup is deceptive because it gives the appearance, heft and mouthfeel of a creamy soup, only it doesn’t call for any heavy cream. Isn’t it just the best when that happens?! Aside from the cheese, which you can adjust the amount to your liking, this recipe includes an assemblage of healthy ingredients.

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Chicken Pot Hand Pies

It is that glorious time of year when we feel a cold nip in the air, the leaves begin to turn and float to the ground, and we feel that irresistible urge to make warm foods ignite in our souls.

One of the prime cornerstones of southern cooking is creating warm, cozy comfort food, so cooking at this time of year just seems to come even more naturally. I have found that if the recipe seems like something your Grandma would have made by hand, it fits right in, here in the south.

A chicken pot pie definitely falls into the category of pure comfort. It is like a warm hug wrapped up in a puff pastry crust. Now…picture it…combining the comfort of pot pie in all of its warm, flaky goodness and making it…wait for it… portable! I don’t know why a savory pot hand pie never crossed my mind, but when this recipe came together for me, it was a life changer.

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