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Hearty Hamburger Soup

I recently caught this recipe for Hamburger Soup on an episode of Pioneer Woman and I was highly intrigued. The idea of hamburger soup had me a bit bewildered at first, but this comfort food actually reminds me a bit of that delicious and nutritious minestrone soup you may have gotten in the cafeteria in elementary school, with the addition of ground beef. It has undertones of a rich pot roast as well. It is literally a meat and potatoes recipe, chock full of so many vegetables, making it is a hearty one-pot meal with super classic flavors.

What I reeeeally loved about this recipe, is it calls for basic ingredients and allows me to use up the celery and carrots in my fridge, along with the meat from my freezer. I absolutely loathe the idea of wasting food, so it is all about finding recipes that inspire you to use up all of what you have. That is what makes cooking and recipe hunting so much fun! It is a nerdy little game that I like to play to try new things and avoid any waste in the kitchen.

All that said, I decided to give this new concoction a whirl, and boy is it good. The weather is just starting to turn here in SC, and while I love a good pot of chili, there is also something about a pot of soup that gives me the feels. If you cook for someone who isn’t too keen on beans, this is the perfect substitute for chili on a cozy winter day. Plus, it is chock FULL of veggies along with the beef, so it is a full meal in a pot.

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Maple Apple Blondie Bars

Every now and then you come across a recipe that is a catch all. I was so happy to come across this old family recipe. It is not my family’s recipe per se, but I simply love a retro recipe, no matter the origin. This sweet treat is versatile and would be perfect for so many occasions.

If you are attending a brunch, this would make a delicious option to present on its own or as a substitute for your average French toast or cinnamon bun. This would also be a fantastic make ahead dessert to split and package in a decorative boxes as lovely hostess gifts for those holiday parties that are knocking at our doors.

What I love most about this recipe is the old-fashioned vibe. This is one of those slightly heavy desserts and it is SWEET. It reminds me of the recipes that your Grandma would have made that have no regard for the “healthy alternative.” This is not a health conscious dessert by any means, but it gives that good, chewy, molasses feel that harkens some sort of nostalgic feels for me.

If you make Christmas cookie baskets for friends and family, this would be an excellent addition. You know how there always seem to be a couple of those really super-sweet bites peppered into the mix, to balance out the oatmeal and peanut based cookies? This is one of those recipes. They are also sturdy and they hold up well. You would get a ton of mileage out of just one batch of these bars, so in that sense, they are good for any get together with a crowd.

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