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The Healing Power of a Sound Bath

I recently had the opportunity to partake in a sound bath, a meditative exercise that I have been wanting to try for some time now. I would dare to say that the sound bath has become trendy, as it has appeared recently on many television shows and in yoga studios around the country, but it is actually an ancient art, dating back over 40,000 years.

Ancient Greeks used flutes and lyres to treat digestion and mental health, Tibetans used singing bowls for over 2,000 years for meditation purposes, and Australian aboriginal tribes played the didgeridoo to heal the sick.

I admittedly discovered the experience through one of my guilty pleasure shows on Bravo Network that I frequently view (don’t judge me too harshly!). A group of ladies on the show ventured on a retreat to a desert resort, where they relaxed and took in the sounds and vibes of this healing art.

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Summer Nostalgia

A friend of my Dad’s recently shared this photo of his lifeguarding crew from around 1962, the summer he and his group of friends worked together at the Babylon public pool in Long Island, New York. Though this was before my time, it made me feel a certain way just looking at the picture. Thinking of what it was like back then, seeing the happiness on their faces and youthfulness in their appearance.

The folks in this photo were friends, some dated each other, they all hung out together and shared laughs. It was a moment in time that they all fondly remember and share collectively.

Eventually, summer faded and they all went on to pursue their own version of life. Most went to college, got married, had kids, built careers. This was just a fleeting moment in time, but the memory of their summer together lives on through this photo. It is captured bliss. The feeling it brings me is one of nostalgia, though I wasn’t even alive at the time this picture was snapped, it is a sense that we all have within us.

Living on Hilton Head Island, the feeling of summer nostalgia is all around. Driving down the beach roads, clusters of families vacationing together can be seen riding bikes, building sandcastles, sharing meals and making lifetime memories. It is a special thing to have the opportunity to witness on a regular basis.

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The Leader of the Band

My Dad was a complex man. He was a series of contradictions. Firm, yet kind…outgoing and shy…strong but sensitive. As humans, I suppose we are all a bit this way, in one degree or another. 

Father’s Day has become a time of reflection for me since my Dad’s passing in 2014. With each distant year, I get to thinking about the things that really mattered and what kind of legacy my Dad would have liked to leave behind. 

He was a man of many hats, as a son, husband, father, businessman, councilman, and a few others I may not even know about. His life took many varied paths, but out of all of the trails he walked and blazed, I think the one that really mattered to him the most was that of being a writer and an artist.

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Palmetto Running Company: The Business of Cultivating a Socially Conscious Brand

Join me for a one-on-one chat with Keri Straughn, Co-Owner of Palmetto Running Company, as we discuss her business goals, team, and vision for the future of the ‘Run Specialty’ industry. Learn about a day in the life of managing a super brand and juggling responsibilities like a boss.

As soon as the sun peeks up over the horizon in Hilton Head and Bluffton, you will see them; on the roads, beaches and trails. A movement of runners, eco-warriors, athletes, advocates and enthusiasts. They are an army banded together by a common driving force; Palmetto Running Company.

For those who are unfamiliar, Palmetto Running Company (PRC) is, at first glance, a retail store specializing in high-end athletic wear. It has been a mainstay for local and visiting runners since 2011, when PRC first opened the doors to their inaugural store located in Plantation Business Park on Hwy 278 in Bluffton. 

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