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Crispy, Cheesy, Potato Shallot Galette

I believe the title to this post really sums it all up. If you are a potato lover like me, this recipe is a MUST make. If you have a cast iron skillet and a mandolin, you will end up with a showstopping side dish.

I will admit that I actually made an error when making this recipe the first time, and the photos show you the end result. I should have sliced my potatoes much, much thinner, but it turned out to be a pleasant error. While the dismount of this galette was a major fail, it was absolutely delicious, crispy and cheese, so I see it as a win.

Essentially, if you would like to make a traditional galette that flips from the pan and looks like a giant potato cake that you can serve in slices, you want to use a mandolin to slice your potatoes razor thin. By doing so, it allows the potatoes to kind of meld together while baking and form the desired galette formation that slides beautifully from the pan when flipped.

This was actually my first official galette on my own, and as you can see, the potatoes were sliced a bit too thick and they came out as a beautiful cast iron skillet full of roasted potatoes, which is ok too. You can see that mine are too loose to flip onto a plate, so if this happens to you, I suggest serving right out of the skillet on the table…just be sure to use caution with the hot pan and dress it appropriately with towels. To be honest, I may intentionally make this mistake in the future because I was so pleased with how these turned out. They were an absolute hit with my family.

I will try a proper version next time around and post my results, but trial and error is the best way to learn, especially when the result is delicious, crispy, cheesy potatoes!

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