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The Truth About Stone Crab Claws

I didn’t know too much about stone crab claws when I moved to South Carolina in 2016. In fact, there was a substantial amount that I didn’t know about a lot of types of seafood. Given that I had grown up on the water along the shores of Long Island, NY, I was surprised at how much I really didn’t know. How had I escaped this information growing up? It is still a mystery to me, but what I didn’t know then, I surely learned quickly when I got to Hilton Head.

The seafood restaurant where I worked gave me an hours-long, crash course in a classroom setting, and also a real world, hands-on approach to learning through our chef and back of house staff. As I would arrive to set up the restaurant for lunch and brunch shifts, I would watch as they wheeled in large coolers and overflowing baskets from the docks behind the kitchen, craning my neck to see what was inside them.

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The Ultimate Lowcountry Soft Shell Experience

When I first moved to the Lowcountry, I felt like a tourist in a foreign land about some things that seemed to come so naturally to those who grew up here.

I had no idea what traditional Hoppin’ John was, nor a hoecake (yes this is a real food, not an insult!). I had yet to learn about rice middlins, or my acquired favorite chicken bog. It took me a few years to realize that I needed pimento cheese in my life as a condiment to just about any food I might eat. I swear that my other half (born and raised in South Carolina) would even eat this tangy cheese spread on a chocolate chip cookie, he loves it so dearly.

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