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The Premiere of Palmetto Bluff Farmer’s Market

I simply love everything about a Farmer’s Market. The fresh, local produce, the friendly people, dogs roaming around, the glorious scents of homecooked treats wafting through the air. It is a scene comprised of a million little pieces that fit together to create a beautiful mosaic.

The Lowcountry is home to many wonderful Farmer’s Markets, and for good reason. Not only is our region blessed with the warmest weather, but we are also adjacent to so many spectacular local farms and operations. It is the perfect setting for these markets to blossom.

Recently, I heard that one of the most expansive and storied communities would be joining in the fun and adding a market to their repertoire within Palmetto Bluff. This area is visually and naturally stunning, with roughly 20,000 acres of protected land that belong to its own conservancy organization. If you haven’t taken a stroll through the area, it is a can’t miss when in Bluffton. It truly is something special.

Palmetto Bluff Farmer’s Market seems like a logical decision, and it is positioned ideally in their very own on-site farm. It is a beautifully rustic plot of land, surrounded by crop fields and out in the thick of nature, giving it an authentic feel. I am always glad to see the addition of another local market, and this was one that gave me that ping of excitement, as the drive through the community is so picturesque and soothing.

Seeing as Palmetto Bluff has access to its own farm on the grounds, they naturally had an array of fresh, beautiful and vibrant produce. In addition, there were options for fresh, tasteful breads and pastas, fresh baked goods, and a small, but delicious, offering of sandwiches, light bites and pizzas made to order from an on-site wood fired oven.

One of the things that I love most of about a Farmer’s Market, aside from the unmatched fresh produce, is the ability to support local farmers and vendors who are operating small ventures of the heart. I always seem to find the most unique and/or delicious offerings.

The conversation that accompanies the browsing is equally as enjoyable. It is always so inspiring to hear the stories of how each business got started and how they have grown and developed, as well as what the future holds. Generally, the businesses you see at a market are born from pure passion and love of a craft or trade, making it hard to not feel by each person you meet.

Here are some of my favorite products and people that I had the pleasure of being introduced to on my recent visit to The Bluff. Be sure to visit any and ALL of the local Farmer’s Markets in our area to find these folks and to support local businesses and farmers!!

Featured Vendors

Rollen’s Raw Grains (Hardeeville) Carolina Gold Rice & Rice Grits, Sea Island Red Peas, Buckwheat Flour and more. The rice varieties are fresh Cold-Milled to order. The taste and quality are UN-matched. This family owned and operated farm is a Certified SC grower.

Pigeon’s Wheelie Good Treats(Savannah) All natural, peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats. My dogs LOVE them! They also make regular treat and monetary donations to help dogs in need, so…bonus points!

T’s Bees Honey(Savannah) Varieties of Fresh Local Honey. Honeycomb honey is also available as a perfect sweet and chewy pairing with charcuterie. The honey is super fresh and decadently rich. It tastes splendid in baked goods and hot tea!

Justin’s B&S – Fresh made bone broths, soup starters and flavored butters. The crunchy homemade pickles are divine, available in Garlic Dill and Spicy Garlic Dill. They also offer a variety of pickled vegetables in the same flavors.

Island Girl Flowers – This retrofitted 1960’s VW Bus displays the most stunning flower arrangements, bouquets and loose flowers, allowing you to tap into your own creativity to build your own unique bouquet. She is available for events of all kinds and special personal or corporate occasions as well!

Sh’ That’s Hot – If you like the hottest of hot sauces, or even something a little more mild, they have it all. I am a chicken when it comes to hot sauce, but they have a generous offering of any flavor or heat scale you desire, as well as spicy snacks. I was also partial to the hot sauce holsters available for the heat afficionados – an awesome gift for the serious saucer.

Palmetto Bluff Farmer’s Market – Upcoming Dates

If you have a chance to make it, this market was a wonderful addition to the local community landscape. The market occurs on Wednesdays from 9-2 and will have limited dates. Here are the next opportunities to join in on the fun in 2023:

June 7 • June 21 • July 12 • July 26 • October 4 • October 18 • November 8 • November 29 • December 17

Additional Local Farmer’s Markets – Buy Local!

If you love visiting the markets as much as I do, here are a few others to check out around town!

Farmer’s Market of Bluffton (Thursdays in Downtown Bluffton: Sept-May, 12-5pm | June-August, 10-2pm)

Hilton Head Island Farmer’s Market (Every Tuesday at Honey Horn: 9-1pm)

Root & Bloom Farmer’s Market (Every Wednesday in Martin Family Park: 3-7pm)

Hilton Head Community Market (Saturdays at Shelter Cove Park: 9:30-12:30pm)